Doom 1

If you used a computer back in 1993 you almost definitely had a copy of Doom installed on it. With over 10 million copies installed, Doom 1 was nearly universally hailed as the best game of the year, if not the decade. Not only was Doom credited with popularizing the genre now knows as First Person Shooters, it did it so well that throughout the 90's, every first person shooter was simply called a Doom-Clone.

The Doom plot pits the player's unnamed character against monsters from hell that have entered a Mars research station through a portal. In Doom there were over 8 types of monsters including things such as zombies and imps. There were 6 weapons, including the BFG-9000, a gun incredibly powerful and is referred to by gamers when they talk about something extremely powerful.

Because of Doom 1's unprecedented graphic content (demons from hell were invading and you had to kill them all) it received many early critics. Washington state senator Phil Tamadge unsuccessfully tried to restrict Doom related technology and it was dubbed a “mass murder simulator by the Killology Research Group cofounder David Grossman. The controversy was rekindled in 1999 with the Columbine school shootings when it was revealed that the two students who performed the shootings were big Doom fans and played frequently.

Doom 1 inspired 2 sequels with several expansion packs as well as a series of novels and a motion picture. In addition to those, when the Doom source code was released, over 50 player developed mods were created including themes such as the X-Files and The Simpsons as well as multi-player mods and more. Doom 1 was released on 9 consoles including the Jaquar, Xbox, Super Nintendo, PlayStation as well as just about ever other console made. Some fans have even ported Doom to play in iPods and mobile phones.