Doom 2

Doom 2 was subtitled “Hell On Earth” and was the sequel to the original 1993 Doom released by ID Software. Where does Doom 2 pick up in the storyline?

The Story Of Doom 2

Doom 2 starts immediately after the mission of the first Doom. The “doom guy” as many gamers know him (he is always unnamed) is teleported back from Phobos to earth. Unfortunately, he finds that earth has now been invaded by hellish creatures and thus another first-person shooter mission begins. Doom 2 sees the player run through 30 levels of carnage, including two hidden levels, where the space marine eventually learns that there are survivors of earth's population and they are being held captive. The only way of escape in the space sport with its large ships that have the capacity to carry the earth population into space.

Demons Complicate Matters

But Hell's demons are already aware of the possibility and so have placed a force field of fire over the space port so that ships cannot land or leave. After the marine deactivates the forcefield and saves earth's remaining population, he waits for death, aware that he is the last human left on the planet. But a transmission from the orbiting survivors reaches him, informing the marine that they have found out where the armies of Hell are coming from. If they can find the gateway, the invasion will be stopped. The game's final stage sees the man encountering the “largest demon ever seen.” Conquer the final level and leave Hell in ruins. (And see what Hell in ruins could possibly look like)

Doom 2's Release And Reaction

Doom 2 was a popular game with users, though it did not improve much from the original game, especially in terms of graphics, game play or new weapons. Nevertheless, the game did sell two million copies and eventually became ID Software's top selling game. (Though not comparable to the ten million shareware installations of the original Doom) Where can you find Doom 2 today? Though initially distributed as shareware, Doom II is now sold as a commercial re-release in stores. Doom 2 was a deadly success.