Doom 3 Cheats

Doom 3 is the third version of the original first-person shooter game by ID Software, first released on August 3, 2004. Unlike Doom 2, Doom 3 is not a sequel but a complete re-imagining of the first game in the series, with a new game engine and stunning original graphics. Doom 3 was developed Windows and Linux, along with the Mac OS X and the Xbox. An expansion pack for Doom 3: Resurrection Of Evil was released on April 4, 2005.

Notable Doom 3 Cheats

One of the Doom's series most popular features besides customizable levels are the many Doom 3 cheats. What are some notable Doom 3 cheats that can help you in game play? Start off by pressing Ctrl+Alt+~(Tilde) so you can bring up the command console. Various codes you enter in, in the format of complete words, will give you various effects. Some of these Doom 3 cheats include “killmonsters” which automatically destroys all the monsters, “freeze” which freezes the action on the screen, “kill” which has the space marine kill himself, “give keys” which gives a player all the keys he needs and “give all” which lets players have all weapons and full ammunition. By typing in phrases like “spawn monster_demon_cherub Spawns a cherub” or “spawn monster_demon_imp_crawler” you can actually spawn monsters that start out in a crawling position and grow.

More Surprises In Doom 3 Cheats

Besides console cheats, you can also unlock several “easter eggs” such as the Super Turkey Puncher. Go through the game and find the kitchen before all hell breaks loose. You will notice in the corner of the kitchen an arcade game. On the screen is the face of the Doom character from the original series game. He makes all the same faces as you pummel and kill the turkey. When you earn a higher score than 25,000 you get a special email sent to your PDA.

Doom 3 Cheats are just one of the reasons why the Doom series is so popular with a new generation of gamers.