Doom 3 Mods

The term “mod” stands for modification and is referring to a game modification, in which new content is added to the game. Mods may be partial conversions, which are some small changes made to the game to add new content, or total conversions which can create an entirely new game from a basic engine. Unlike an expansion pack, mods are relatively easy to design and are mostly created by the general playing population.

Doom, Doom 2 And Doom 3 Mods

Mods have become primarily associated with first-person shooter games like Doom. Doom mods can add new items to the game, including collectible weapons. In addition, mods allow you to customize monsters, characters and enemies in game play. Some of the most famous mods include a Ghost Busters mod featuring the giant marshmallow man and a Microsoft sponsored mod featuring Bill Gates. When it comes to Doom 3 mods, Doom mods are often called WAD files because of the slightly different WAD file format. The ID Software games archive contains an amazing 10,000 WAD files that have been created since 1994.

The Best Of Doom 3 Mods

The best of the Doom 3 mods include modifications like Third Person View, Bog Decal Mod, Cold Breath, CougarMod, Demonic Power, Illumine Mod, Plasmagun Radar and Super Turbo Turkey Puncher. While some Doom 3 mods may merely change normal aspects of game play, such as unlimited ammunition or monster-spawning abilities, others will completely change the Doom playing experience with new walls, textures, enemies and sound files. Some of the themes are very elaborate and may be a parody of the original Doom, an adult version, or a modification so complex and different from the original it's like playing a brand new game.

Doom 3 mods are one of the many reasons that Doom was such a revolutionary game in the 1990's and continues to be a popular download today.