Doom 3 Walkthrough

If you're looking for help in beating Doom, the first place you may want to look is an online Doom 3 walkthrough. A doom 3 walkthough generally will include a detailed description of the levels and how to complete all the objectives, how to find secrets hidden in the levels, a listing of cheat codes as well as usually a detailed strategy in order to beat the game quickly. Some people consider using a walkthrough as a form of cheating and will only use them as an absolute last choice when they get stuck, while others refer to them throughout the game to assist them.

By far the most common reason to use a Doom 3 walkthrough would be if you were stuck on a level and couldn't figure out your way out. In order to use a doom 3 walkthrough you should write down or remember where you are, save your game, and open a game walkthrough. Some walkthroughs are detailed to the point of telling you exactly which way to go at every turn and detail how many monsters of each type are in each room. Other walkthroughs gloss over the easier parts and instead only list the difficult parts where the player would most likely be stuck.

The Doom series has always been known for it's secret areas and Doom 3 continues the trend. In Doom secret areas you'll often find huge amounts of ammunition, health packs, or even new weapons that you'll get before the game normally gives them to you. By using a Doom 3 wakthrough, you'll know how to find all of the secret levels in the game. Unless you have an eye for finding them (The Doom series likes to hide the secrets but usually gives clues to their existence) they can be hard to find and a walkthrough can make the game much easier.