Doom 4

While there are many hopefuls out there hoping that ID will continue the Doom series with Doom 4, ID has yet to make any announcements regarding whether or not they will develop it. Doom 1 was released in 1993, Doom 2 was released in 1994 and Doom 3 was released in 2004 so it may be a while before ID decides it's time to continue it's winning streak.

If Doom 4 was going to be created, one of the main questions would be what the story should be. Doom took place on Mars and it's moons while Doom 2 took place on Earth. Doom 3 was a retelling of Doom 1 with improved technology. So should Doom 4 be a retelling of Doom 1 again, or perhaps of Doom 2? Or should they create something totally new, perhaps continuing on Earth or even taking the battle to Hell itself.

If Doom 4 was in development, ID should take a look through the criticism that it received over Doom 3. While Doom 3 was a success (Over 1 million copies sold on the Xbox alone), it received criticism by dedicated Doom fans as well as video game enthusiasts. By noting the criticisms and perhaps implementing some suggestions, ID will be able to create a truly awesome game.

Doom 3 was seen as groundbreaking in terms of video game graphics, and has held up to the test of time with the graphics still looking impressive years later. We can only hope that ID continues their progress and improves the real time lighting, water effects as well as things such as flame effects. While some things such as water and fire effects may sound trivial, it is these small things which add together to create a truly awe inspiring game.