Doom Download

The success of the DOS version of Doom in 1993 and 1994 was overwhelming. The Internet of 1993 (not yet the commercial powerhouse it would later become) had been buzzing about the game. Many users had attained screen shots while others managed to find a full Doom download. The first public version of Doom was released for download on December 10, 1993. This Doom download was known as shareware, which allows users to play part of the game for free, but then requires registration for a price. Doom set a record in shareware downloads, being installed on some ten million home and office computers. The registered version of the game however, only sold a little over one million copies, and was eventually surpassed in sales by Doom II.

Why The Doom Download Was Innovative

The most popular features of Doom besides its innovative first person shooter format, were the additional doom download s that were available to users. Many programmers customized their Doom game's features, including wall textures, graphics of monsters, sounds and other in-game facets. These customizing files were known as WAD files and became very a popular Doom download in their own right. The deathmatch mode was also quite popular as it allowed users to play each other via Ethernet connection, the first major release to feature an online multi-player mode.

Where Can You Find Doom Today?

Looking for a Doom download in 2007? While WAD files are fairly easy to find through an Internet search, full downloads of Doom are harder to find since the the commercial version of Ultimate Doom launched in 1995. It may actually be easier to find a free clone of the game, as many have been produced since the 1993 full release of the original game. Doom revolutionized the gaming industry, and even while its cutting edge technology has since been surpassed, it still has a large fan base.