Doom Movie

The movie Doom was released in 2005 and was based on the popular Doom video game series. Doom takes place in the year 2046 in a science lab on Mars which has become overrun by strange monsters. A special forces team is dispatched from Earth through a teleportation device called the Ark which leads to the lab on Mars with the mission of securing the facility and recovering lab property.

Doom was met with a tepid response by gamers and movie goers alike. The Doom video game series didn't have much of a plot line; however, what story it did have, the Doom movie didn't follow. In the video game series, a portal to hell is opened through which various monsters and demons pour through. In the Doom movie, there is no portal to hell, and instead genetic experiments is what causes the disaster. Also lacking were many of the colorful monsters from the video game series such as the Cacodemon, large red sphere creatures, and the Mancubus, a massive creature with rocket launcher arms.

The Doom movie made approximately $86 million in the worldwide box office, which, although it wasn't a total flop, was significantly less than the studio had hoped. While the Doom movie didn't live up to many expectations, it did do something right during the last five minutes in which it gave homage to the Doom games by using a camera angle that gave the appearance as if you were actually playing the game. Despite the critics however, there have been rumors of a Doom sequel being made due to the brisk DVD sales of the first Doom movie.