Doom Song

If you're a fan of Invader Zim, then you'll know what the doom song is. The doom song was originally sung by GIR and Zim in response to Operation Impending Doom II. The story line can be difficult to understand however this is the general plot line: Zim is a member of the Irken race, a race bent on the invasion of the galaxy. Zim partakes in Operation Impending Doom in which he accidentally kills all of the other invaders. He is banished by the Almighty Tallest (the Irken are led by whoever is the tallest) to a far away planet. While Zim is away, he hears of a Operation Impending Doom II which he gets really excited about. He returns to the Irken homeworld, Irk, to join with the invaders. Because the Almighty Tallest doesn't care for Zim, he sends Zim to the farthest planet possible so Zim can't screw anything up. The planet he sends Zim to happens to be Earth, however it seems to be an Earth in the future or of another dimension. In response to all this, the doom song is born.

The doom song is essentially the word 'doom' repeated over and over again dozens of times and was sung by Zim and his robot GIR. As simple as it sounds, the doom song is fairly popular and is known even among non-fans. A remix of the doom song was made which added more of a music beat as well as rearranging the words to make it more musical. Around the Internet, the remix is more common to find than the original, however many true die hard Invader Zim fans love the original doom song. The doom song of Invader Zim has achieved Internet popularity shared with the like of the “All your base are belong to us” song and “chocolate rain” sung by Tay Zonday.