Doom Theme

What is the Doom theme? It could be in reference to the storyline of the Doom series games by ID Software, or the original soundtrack of the game, as well as a host of themes (wallpaper, sounds, icons) that you can download to your computer. First consider the Doom theme in game play.

The Doom Theme By ID Software

The storyline of Doom is a science-fiction/horror theme with some vague allusions to religious symbolism. (The game has even started a controversy for what some claimed was Satanic imagery) The story follows a nameless space marine who has been deported to Mars as disciplinary action. He then works for a military conglomerate that is experimenting with teleportation between Mars' moons, Phobos and Deimos. The marine is caught off guard when something goes horribly wrong and creatures from Hell come out of the gateway, quickly attacking military personnel and turning them into zombies. A back up team from Mars is sent to Phobos but radio contact ceases. Only the nameless space marine is left alive and must struggle to make it out alive. The game begins on Phobos, in military bases, and ends with the player entering the Barons of Hell after entering Deimos. He is attacked by swarms of monsters and apparently left for dead – until Doom II: The Shores Of Hell continues the saga.

Other Examples Of The Doom Theme

A doom theme could also refer to the many spin off Doom theme projects that have resulted from the game's popularity. A heavy metal-ambient theme soundtrack for Doom was recorded by composer and sound designer Bobby Prince. It has inspired a comic book, four novels, a few books in nonfiction and a full length feature film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Shortly after Doom's success, many other games were made borrowing the Doom playing engine. These came to be known as clones, or Doom theme games. There is also additional software and freeware inspired by Doom available for PC. This is one game that has truly made an impact in video game history.