Download Doom

If you're looking to download Doom for free, you're in luck. The 1993 smash hit was released as a shareware game which means it was released for free to the public. Since its release, Doom was estimated to have been downloaded over 10 million times and has received multiple awards including numerous game of the year awards as well as #1 game of all time awards. In addition to being shareware, the source code of Doom was released in 1997.

With the source code released, that means that the code used to create the game has been released to the public, usually with the intention of allowing modification by others to improve upon the game. Once the code was released, all sorts of interesting modifications turned up available to download such as Pokemon themes, Ghostbusters, the Simpsons and more. There are in fact over 60 different Doom source ports with various themes, some are still even under active development, 14 years after Doom was released. Level editors have also been released for download to allow you to create your own maps.

If it is Doom 2 or 3 you're looking for, you're out of luck, however. Unlike Doom, Doom 2 and 3 were sold instead of being released for free. Doom 2 may be difficult to find in the store since it was released in 1994. If you can't find Doom 2 and Doom 3, you are able to download the games through a service such as Steam provided you are willing to pay for them.