Invader Zim Doom Song

If you've ever watched Invader Zim, you are probably familiar with the Doom song. The Invader Zim doom song was sung mostly by GIR and Zim and it mainly consists of them repeating the word 'doom' repeatedly to music. While it may sound like a silly song, it actually is well done and is well known even to people not very familiar with Invader Zim.

Invader Zim was a cartoon based on a comic book and aired on Nickelodeon starting in 2001 and was canceled two years later. It was geared towards Nickelodeon's older audience however it was plagued with not finding an appropriate time slot. It currently can be seen in reruns as well as on several DVD compilations which have been released. Throughout the series, 27 episodes were made.

The Invader Zim doom song relates to the plot of the show, which can be difficult to understand. The main character is named Zim which is a member of the Irken race, who invades other planets. Zim is an invader and he accidentally kills all of the other invaders in Operation Impending Doom and is subsequently banished from the Irken planet. While in exile, Zim hears of an Operation Impending Doom II and returns to beg to be allowed to become an invader. He ends up being assigned to Earth as an intelligence agent to give the Irken intelligence about the indigenous life forms. The doom song is sung about Operation Impending Doom II.

The music of the Invader Zim series is a style of techno and was composed by Kevin Manthei. The music of the Invader Zim show has been very popular, even though there hasn't been a full soundtrack CD released.