Legion of Doom

The name Legion of Doom stood for many things; it was the name of a famous wrestling team, an electronica group, and a group of supervillians that appeared in an animated series starring superheroes from DC Comics. L.O.D. or Legion of Doom was an alternate name for a professional wrestling tag team that debuted in 1983. The two most famous members of this team were Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand and Joseph "Animal" Laurinaitis. Their main name, the Road Warriors, was used in the American Wrestling Association, the National Wrestling Alliance, and the World Championship Wrestling; while they went under the title Legion of Doom in the World Wrestling Federation. One of their most recognizable features was their use of face paint and their original finishing move, the Doomsday Device.

Legion of Doom, an electronica group, was famous for their mash-up album Incorporated and original compositions for horror films and soundtracks. A mash-up, also known as bootleg, smash-up, cut-up, blend, or Bastard Pop, is the mixing of music from one song and the vocals from another; usually from two completely different styles of music. The Legion of Doom was formed in 2004 by Chad Blinman and Trever Keith. Trever Keith was originally part of the California punk band face to face.

The Legion of Doom, a supervillian group led by Lex Luthor, appeared in Challenge of the Super Friends, an animated series featuring superheroes from DC Comics. The Legion of Doom was made up of thirteen villains and acted as the Super Friends worst enemies. The thirteen members of the Legion are Bizarro, Black Manta, Brainiac, Captain Cold Cheetah, Giganta, Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, Riddler, Scarecrow, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, Toyman, and Doctor Natas. The Hall of Doom was the Legion of Doom’s headquarters; the building had a striking resemblance to Darth Vader’s breathing helmet and mask.