Online Video Games

There are many different types of online video games that exist today on the internet. Types of online games that come to mind most often for people are MMORPG’s or just plain MMOG’s. Of course there are many single-player games that exist online as well. These can range from first-person shooters, to real-time strategy games, or browser games, although, it is not just limited to these few options. Many online video games are run on Flash, Java, or Shockwave. Each of these languages allow different levels of complexity with Java being the first and most simple language and Flash being the most complex language of this set.

Out of the two MMORPG’s or “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing” games are the most popular. An MMORPG is basically a computer based game in which a player takes the role of a character and interacts with hundreds or thousands of other players in a virtual world. The virtual worlds are usually hosted by the publishers’ servers which contain the player-characters information. These online video games have become increasingly popular over the past few years as more people acquire broadband internet service. The goals of most MMORPG’s are to improve your characters base stats by collecting items and defeating monsters for experience, although some do vary.

Another popular type of online video game and the most commonly seen are browser games. Browser games do not require a client or any type of downloadable software; therefore, many websites have a few browser games to entertain the viewer. Although virtual pet sites or game sites may have a large selection of these online video games which allow the player to either earn experience, points, or a type of virtual currency. Most of these games are two-dimensional which requires less bandwidth and money to run and play them.