Sex Video Games

Though violence in video games has stirred its own controversy, sex video games remains a much touchier subject. In American culture sex has been scrutinized and criticized by the media, resulting in numerous controversies in explicit movies and television shows. When it comes to sex video games, the results have been scandalous just the same – perhaps even more so, because of the perception that video games are a child or teenager's activity.

America's Sexiest Home Video Games

The perception that video games are or should be sexless is largely a western view, as there have been numerous sexually explicit video games from Japan available for many years now, released for either PC or platform game systems. However, the largest companies with a significant market in America like Nintendo and Sony do not license adult content for their systems. Therefore, most of the explicit sex video games are to be found on PC or even as a playable Flash game online.

Popular Sex Video Games

While sex video games have their own market, including the Virtual Valerie series, most of the controversy is reserved towards mainstream games that have special “hidden” levels accessible by anyone who knows how to search for a code. Some of the most notorious games include Duke Nukem 3D, first released in 1996, which features topless characters, posters and prostitutes that can be encountered during the game, BMX XXX which was retooled into an adult biking game with nudity after receiving poor quality reviews on the game itself, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which featured a hidden interactive sex scene unbeknownst to Sony or Microsoft, and thus had to be pulled from the shelves after an “Adults Only” rating was slapped on the game, as well as Elder Scrolls IV and The Sopranos: Road To Respect, which both had topless scenes between game play.

Sex Video Games And Doom

Though Doom is not known a sexually explicit game, it does give users the ability to ad WAD files, which can be used to customize characters, walls and other aspects of the game. Not surprisingly, some users have added scenes of nudity and accompanying aural sounds to their favorite first person shooter game.

Sexuality in video games continues to be a subject of much interest – for concerned adults who have heard about it, to adult game players who search for it online.