Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was an Academy Award winning action and adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg and released on May 23, 1984. In the year 1985, Atari Games released Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as an arcade game. It was a scrolling fighter and platformer based upon the movie and one of the first to feature voice clips. The goal of the game was to infiltrate the Thuggee lair, rescue the kidnapped children being treated as slaves, and collect the precious and stolen relics known as Sankara Stones. The game features three levels based off of scenes in the movie. The player acting as Indiana Jones is armed only with his whip and must defeat monsters and thugs attempting to get in his way. The player can only take one physical hit from an enemy before he/she will lose a life.

Another version of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released in the year 1988 for the NES or Nintendo Entertainment System. Similar too many other games released at the time this action adventure was based off both a movie and an arcade game. At the time of its release, the Nintendo Entertainment System was the best selling console system with around thirty million units sold in the United States alone. The Nintendo version of the Temple of Doom was similar to the arcade version in that it followed the movies storyline well but it also differed from it in many other respects as well. The Nintendo version changed the entire style of gameplay and offered the player more weapons and objects to collect throughout the game. The player was able to use swords, TNT, and guns plus it also allowed the player to jump while the previous arcade version did not.