The Doom Generation

The Doom Generation, released in 1995, was a movie directed by Greg Araki and stars Rose McGowan, Johnathon Schaech and James Duval and is the second movie in the “Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy”. The first movie of the series was “Totally Fucked Up” and the last movie was called “Nowhere”. Some people have compared the movie to the more popular Natural Born Killers, however The Doom Generation takes it one step further. The Doom Generation deals with two teenagers and a punk drifter who end up being on the run after an accidental killing.

After the main characters Jordan and Amy pick up a punk drifter named Xavier, they decide to stop at a convenience store to grab some food. While in the store Xavier accidentally kills the store's owner and the three are forced on the run. Amy cheats on Jordan with Xavier in a steamy night in a motel room. When Jordan finds out, the two men find out they have a sexual attraction towards each other. Eventually the three of them end up having sex together. Later that night some neo-nazis break into the room in the climax of the movie.

The Doom Generation had very adult subject matter and was rated R for strong vicious violence, graphic sexuality, pervasive strong language and some drug use. Throughout the movie there are several graphic sex scenes, including homosexual scenes between two men. Because of its subject matter it was received with mixed reviews. It has however developed a cult status through the years and remains popular within that group.

The first movie in the Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy was called Totally Fucked Up and has to do with 6 gay adolescents who have grouped together and deals with their struggle with various obstacles. The third movie in the series, Nowhere, also deals with the struggles that bi-sexual and homosexual people and couples face throughout their lives. Nowhere has less of a plot structure and has been called more of an art movie than a traditional movie.