The Legion of Doom

A “Legion Of Doom” can refer to many different things, including a mash up group, a league of supervillains from DC Comics and a retired professional wrestling team. But for the sake of Doom fans out there, the legion of Doom shall refer to the origins of this innovative 1993 game by ID Software.

The Concept Of Doom

Doom is a first-person shooter game, and was the first game to coin the phrase “first-person shooter” as well as a “deathmatch.” The player experiences all of the shooting action through the eyes of the main character. The concept is based on Alfred Hitchcock's “point of view” shot, which lets the viewer (or in this case the player) live vicariously through the game's space marine character to experience the events which would be too intense in real life. Namely, blowing bad guys away with a BFG 9000! The object of each level is to locate the exit room and to survive all of the demonic hazards that prevent your mission, including unholy monsters, radioactive slime and ceilings that come down and crush the player. In the context of the game, the legion of doom is fitting since some levels of Doom are set in hell or deal with demons escaping from hell. The term “legion” actually comes from a biblical passage referring to demons.

The Legion Of Doom And Its History

Doom's development started in 1992 and came from a 3-D game engine that improved upon ID Software's Wolfenstein 3-D. Influences of the creative team included the movie “Aliens”, “Evil Dead II” and even a quote from the “The Color Of Money”, which the head programmer stated inspired the game's title. From then on the complex Doom storyline was written, though it was eventually simplified by the time of the game's release. Graphics were drawn or painted while a few monsters were even sculpted from clay. The weapons used in the game were actually images of toy guns, as David Kushner explained in his 2003 book, “Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture.”

The legion of Doom, that is, Doom's loyal followers, had much to be excited over. Doom won Game of the Year by PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World, along with an award for Technical Excellence from PC Magazine and the Best Action Adventure Game award by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. Doom is now an important landmark in video game history.